Few insects irk people quite as much as termites. Despite their tiny stature, these little pesky critters can cause serious damage to the wooden structure of your home. Once they have moved into your property, they work tirelessly to destroy as much of your home as possible in the shortest time.

Perhaps you’ve decided to purchase a new home. How do you know there aren’t termites lurking in the structures of your future safe space? Get it checked! When, other than opting for a pre-purchase termite inspection, are the other times you should get a termite inspection?


A Few Times You Really Should Check for Termites

The paranoia of finding termites shouldn’t have you searching every nook and cranny of your property in a paranoid frenzy. Knowing when to ask your trusted pest control service to perform a termite inspection will go a long way to avoiding a major infestation.


Buying a New Home

Investing in a new home is a costly affair. However, moving in and discovering you’re sharing your home with termites won’t only sour your mood but could cost you thousands of dollars in terminations and repairs.

To avoid this, request a pre-purchase termite inspection before you sign on the dotted line. Trust us when we tell you it’s worth every penny, especially if you find that a home you intended to buy has a critical termite infestation that would have cost you thousands to fix.

At your request, Economic Pest Control can do a thorough pre-purchase inspection of the home’s structure and foundations. We will also identify conditions around the property that might be conducive to termite inhabitation. A pre-purchase inspection is a must before making the final decision about the new home!


Do You Live in a Termite-Rich Area?

It goes without saying that some areas are more susceptible to termite infestations than others.

Termites are drawn to areas with high levels of moisture which means areas with warm weather and high humidity are often at risk.

If you live next to, or across from a field or park with high vegetation and exposed tree roots it could be an invitation for termites to move in. Areas that have mulch and stacks of wood where moisture can build up are also inviting places for termites to move into.

Also, if you are aware of your neighbours experiencing a termite problem, it’s definitely a good idea to call Economic Pest Control to do a termite inspection. As with a termite inspection, we will not only check your property but give you advice about conditions around your home that could be a termite risk. Some of these conditions include the following:

  • Cracks in building foundations
  • Areas that are excessively moist, such as areas around leaking gutters
  • Wood piles too near to the home
  • Mulch areas on your property
  • Blocked gutters
  • Leaky pipes


Signs of Termites

If you see signs of termites on your property, it’s almost a certainty that it’s not just a lone pest passing through and is likely a sign of a larger infestation. Termites are not lone critters, so it’s fair to assume where there’s one, there’s more.

Contacting your trusted pest control Albury agent should be first on your list of things to do. Successful pest and termite control begins with engaging professionals. The biggest tip we can give you here is to contact us immediately at the first signs of termites – do not wait!

To help you establish whether or not you might be dealing with termites, we’ve listed a few tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • Mud tubes on exterior walls or around wooden structures in your home
  • Hollow sounding timber, especially in your structures, where the wood shouldn’t be hollow
  • Tunnels in and around your wooden structures
  • Termite droppings commonly referred to as frass
  • Flying termites or discarded wings lying around
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows that have become harder to open


Annual Termite Inspections

Generally, we recommend that homeowners get a termite inspection done every 12 months, or sooner if they are concerned about an infestation. This allows us to take action quickly before an infestation causes too much damage.


Worried About Termites?

Economic Pest Control has a team of highly trained experts, well skilled in pest control services. We use the latest, most up-to-date products and methods to deal with termites and other pests!

Whether you want a pre-purchase termite inspection or an inspection around your existing home, we offer detailed termite inspection services.

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