Have you ever had to deal with a termite infestation? Have you spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on extermination costs and home repairs? For many, it could leave you wishing that a more permanent solution could be found. Perhaps you’re simply not aware of all your options.

If you’re about to start the building process on your dream home or you’re a contractor working on a new project, there’s an option you should consider. What if we told you there’s a miracle product called Kordon termite barrier and installing it during the building process will prevent any future termite problems?


Why Kordon Termite Barrier is a Good Idea

Every Australian homeowner worries about termites at some point or another. The slightest sign of termites moving into your property can send chills down your spine due to the extensive damage they can create. Taking the right precautions early on can prevent a major expense later on. And this proves the value of a Kordon termite barrier.

Read on to find out what this product is, why it’s a must for any builder to consider and what the long-term benefits are to you and your hip pocket.


What Exactly is Kordon Termite Barrier?

Essentially, the Kordon termite barrier is a stretchy and durable type of laminate that’s installed in a home by professionals, while the house is being built. The primary ingredient is a chemical called deltamethrin. As a synthetic pyrethroid, deltamethrin is fatal to all types of termites.

The Kordon termite barrier is so effective, it’s improbable that termites will even approach the area – let alone pass through it. CSIRO tests performed on the Kordon Termite Barriers have proven that the product is effective for a minimum period of 20 years. That means it’s very unlikely that one will have termites in a newly built home with a Kordon termite barrier.


How Does Kordon Termite Barrier Work?

To understand why Kordon is so effective it’s necessary to know how the product works:

  • Kordon Termite Barrier has fibrous webbing that’s saturated with deltamethrin and expertly laminated on both sides of the material.
  • The top layer is made up of a 200-micron orange plastic which provides the moisture vapour barrier.
  • The bottom layer is made up of a layer of black plastic that completely condenses and protects the actual termite barrier.


How is the Kordon Termite Barrier Applied?

Since Kordon Termite Barrier is a total under-slab system, it can protect against termites as well as moisture. During the building process, Kordon is applied on the bedding sand just before the reinforcing steel mesh is laid down.

The concrete slab is then poured as normal over the top of the mesh and the Kordon product. And just like that, a new building will be protected against potential termite infestations!

The installer will provide an Annual Inspection Sticker so that regular inspections can be recorded. This will ensure that the product’s warranty is upheld, and the building remains termite-free.


Kordon Termite Barrier Warranty

Consumers usually determine a product’s worth by the guarantee or warranty that a manufacturer places on products. If correctly installed by an accredited Kordon installer, Bayer provides a $100,000 structural timber replacement warranty.

It’s always very important to have your Kordon products installed by accredited pest control services such as Economic Pest Control. In addition to that, Kordon products are conveniently certified by the Australian Building Codes Board and are approved for use in all “allergen-free” construction.


Why Should a Builder Choose Kordon Termite Barrier?

Have you ever heard the old adage “prevention is better than cure”? If you’ve ever had to deal with the damage and expense caused by a termite infestation, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Termites can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage to your property if they are not properly prevented.

Certain regions in Australia are more susceptible to termite infestations than others. However, in most areas it remains a question of “when” and not “if” a property will be invaded.

If you’re a builder or are hiring a building contractor, you should insist Kordon Termite Barrier be installed. Various independent Australian authorities have concluded that this particular product should remain effective for a period between 20 and 50 years, which is generally the commercial life of a building.

Kordon Termite Barrier is a versatile product. It can be used in foundations, wall cavities, plumbing infiltrations, raft slabs and a whole host of other building constructions. Preventative treatments like Kordon Termite Barrier offer homeowners the best chance of combating potential future infestations. This helps builders deliver quality end products and ensure satisfied clients.


Where can You Find an Accredited Kordon Installer?

Look no further than Economic Pest Control to install your Kordon Termite Barrier products. As accredited installers, we’ll provide you with the genuine product as well as all the warranty documentation you’ll need. Termite protection has never been easier!

Invest in the best termite preventative measures by calling us TODAY on 1300 655 774 for a Kordon quote!