Spiders, ants, bees, wasps and termites can be a real annoyance in your home. More than this, they can also spread deadly diseases or cause severe damage to your home. To be on the safe side, pest control services should be on speed dial, but here are also some other helpful tips to keep those nasty household pests out of your home.


Remove Food, Water and Shelter

Your first line of defence in pest prevention is providing an inhospitable environment. So keep food sources out of reach. Make sure you store food in closed containers, and that they seal properly. Remember, some pests are small and flat enough to enter through tight spaces.

Also, make sure to dispose of garbage bags regularly. If there’s one thing pests love more than fresh food, its left-overs. So, you might even consider moving your trash to an outside dumpster away from your residence.


The Dryer, the Better

To control pests, you also need to make sure your home doesn’t have any damp areas. Like all living creatures, pests need water to survive. And the wetter, the better. So fix any leaking pipes, faucets, appliances etc. Also keep your home properly ventilated to prevent dampness.


Screen Windows and Doors

As you’ve just read, keeping the air flowing through your home is imperative to prevent dampness. However, open windows and doors can be an easy invitation for critters. So think about installing screens for your windows or storm doors. This way, you can have a well ventilated home while keeping pests out.


Close Off Entry Ways

Inspect your home – both the outside and the inside. Walk around your home and check for any cracks or holes. Look at the roof, walls, inside the cupboards, the foundation and the vents. Seal and close them off to prevent any pests from entering.


Clean Regularly

Clean regularly to prevent your home from collecting crumbs or food build-up that will attract pests. Pay special attention to your kitchen and dining room. This is where most of the food gathers in your home. So, make sure to wipe down your countertops and tables in these areas. Also, remember to vacuum the floors frequently to eliminate unwanted pests and stop the spread of pest eggs.


Remove Clutter

Pests love hiding out in dark areas. So, the more clutter you have, the more homes they have to choose from. Food scraps, crumbs, left-overs and even water can sometimes fall into hidden spaces or sit hidden behind objects. So keep decorative knick-knacks and inessentials to a minimum. This way you can easily see if there’s food build-up or a pest problem brewing.


Turn to Pest Control Services

If you’ve tried all these tactics, or simply want peace of mind that your home is pest-free, call on Economic Pest Control. For pest control Shepparton has come to trust us because our team are highly trained pest control technicians certified to handle any pest problems – big or small.


At Economic Pest Control, we provide pest inspection, treatment and prevention services. Contact us to solve your pest problems today. Send a message to admin@economicpest.com.au or call us for a quote today 1300 655 774.