Living in some of Australia’s more rural areas comes with a range of challenges, one of these challenges comes in the form of pests.

Knowing what pests are out there will help you prepare properly, meaning you can enjoy nature while also preventing unnecessary discomforts or pest problems on your property.

With complete information, you can make informed decisions about how to deal with pests you encounter this summer. In this blog, we’ll discuss which bugs to look out for this summer, how to handle them, and how pest control services can help you this season.


1.    Termites

Termites in your yard or house are a disaster, whichever way you look at the issue. You need to act fast to get rid of these pests before they destroy your property and create costly damage.

Dealing with a Termite Problem

The only way to deal with a possible termite problem is to contact a professional termite inspection service. They will not only investigate and find the source of the problem but will also deal with them effectively putting long term maintenance plans in place.

With a respected company like Economic Pest Control, you can expect methods like the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System that have helped thousands of Australians solve their termite problems.

Learn more about when to get a termite inspection.

2.    Wasps

Wasp stings can be nasty and nests on your property are a danger to you and your family. Jump on the problem early and call a pest controller to deal with them as soon as it looks like they’re nesting anywhere near your house.

Dealing with Wasps

You can do some preventative pest control naturally. Avoid leaving outside lights on or burn citronella candles near the spots where their nests are. You can also place sugar and water traps.

However, for the safety of you and others, it is best to call a pest control company that can have the wasps dealt with immediately. The pros know how to remove nests the safe way and have the right protective equipment to handle the job.


3.    Spiders

Spiders can be useful for the home by trapping mosquitoes, flies, and other insects, but as many Australians know, they can also be deadly. You need to make yourself familiar with the spiders that cause serious spider bites – what they look like, and where they can be found. The Funnel-Web or Mouse-spider, and the Red-back spiders are the ones to look out for in Australia.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

If the spider isn’t dangerous, and you have no particular phobia, you can simply leave it. However, if you really want to get rid of a non-venomous spider, there is a range of simple pest control solutions available for this.

If you do have a phobia of spiders, and have noticed more and more spiders on your property, it’s time to call a pest professional. Hire trusted pros like Economic Pest Control who knows what they’re doing and utilise effective techniques and spider control solutions.


4.    Ants

Ants crawling in your kitchen are not very pleasant. They are quick to discover sources of food or water. They can be an unpleasant nuisance, especially if they are the biting kind. A couple of ants in your home could also be the sign of a larger nest nearby.

Eradicating Ants

Many people often try home recipes, such as pouring boiling water down the ant holes. Others resort to non-toxic substances and ant trapping solutions. You can also wipe surfaces with white vinegar or put borax or tea tree oil down.

If there are huge infestations or biting ants that march toward your living space, then it’s recommended that you call for professional pest control. We know how to find the root cause of the problem and help you solve it.


Dealing with summer pests can be trick and time consuming. It is always best to call the professionals if you’re unsure, so the problem doesn’t have time to get out of control. And when you partner with Economic Pest Control, you’ll benefit from our 40+ years of experience.

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