For homeowners, there’s a lot of talk about pest control and prevention. But, the question is, do most homeowners actually know how to spot the signs of a pest problem? This is important, because if you don’t know that there are uninvited guests in your home, there’s no telling how much damage they could cause.   The good news is that the majority of common household pests leave some very distinct ‘calling cards,’ if you will. For example, mice are often identified by their droppings and the noises that they make at night. This makes them relatively easy to spot, but there are other critters with slightly more subtle characteristics.   This guide to some of the most convincing signs of a pest invasion will help you spot the warnings signs early and take steps to solve the problem.

1. Bugs on Windowsills

Pest control in Shepparton should involve regular inspections for things like bugs on windowsills and in basements. If you have an insect problem, there will be an unusual amount of bugs in these areas. For instance, properties with a fly problem tend to get lots of dead flies building up on window ledges. If there are lots of bugs, of the same species, they probably live in or around the home.

2. Droppings in the Kitchen

As already discussed, mice are easy to spot if they leave droppings behind in the kitchen or other areas of the house. It might be unpleasant, but you really do need to get up close and personal to inspect this waste material. Make sure that it is not food waste before you call in the pest control experts.

 3. Pest Control Products

If you are hunting for your dream home and want to make sure to steer clear of properties with pest problems, remember this handy piece of advice. While viewing a property, take a quick look under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Inspect the garage too for signs of a previous battle with bugs. You might find this in the form of partially empty pest control products.

4. Noises at Night

Mice, rats, and some bigger insects make distinct noises after dark. They do this when they feel it’s safe to come out, generally after everybody has gone to bed. This is usually the time when homeowners first hear signs of a rodent problem. There may be scratching, scurrying, and squeaking coming from inside the walls.

5. Termite Waste

We tend to think of mice as being the most unpleasant kind of pest, but termites are much more destructive. They can destroy the structural integrity of a building before its owners have even noticed that anything is wrong. Keep a close eye out for signs of termite waste; this will look like sawdust and you will find it in small piles around the wooden features in your home.

 6. Complaints from Neighbours

If you have recently moved into a new house, one of the best ways to learn about its history is to get friendly with your neighbours. While this will always work better in tight knit communities where people are used to sharing information, it is worth a try because you never know what you might find out. If the previous tenants ever had the pest control guys out, the neighbours will likely remember.

7. Unclean Surroundings

You might keep your home and garden spotlessly clean, but if your neighbours don’t do the same, you could attract pests anyway. This is a really tricky situation, because nobody wants to argue with the people on their street. However, if there is one household causing all of the problems, the chances are that you’re not the only disgruntled neighbour. Talk to other people in the community and see if you can come up with a solution.